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General public coming out for recreational activity when the weather is only warm and sunny.

This phenomena usually occurs early spring in climates where cold winters occur. ie Northern USA and Canada.
Active people such as serious runners/triathletes/cyclist are not part of the effect due to the fact that they are usually serious about their cause and cold weather does not affect them.

99% of all other people that go for walks, bike rides, and runs to get fit from all the fat they gained over the winter, but only, when the temperature rises above 32F/0C with he sun shining and no wind are part of the cockroach effect. As soon as the sun the goes behind the cloud or the wind picks up they scatter back in their homes to eat and sleep and shit. (Like a cockroach) and wait for another super perfect nice sunny day to continue their non-existent goal to fitness.

If you go for walks, runs, bike ride, play sports (to name a few activities) only when the weather is perfect. Your part of the cockroach effect...

If you go to the gym, or stop being active in the winter...Your part of the cockroach effect...

If you decide to become fit and go for a run when the sun is only shining and you haven't run since high-school thinking you will be skinny and fit, but quit, as soon as the temperature drops or even before that... Your part of the cockroach effect...

At this point you should kill your self.
Hey Daniel, I've been riding my mountain bike all winter. Wanted to go today but is a really sunny day and the trails will packed with people who haven't been outdoors since last summer.

I hear you bud, I hate the cockroach effect.
by Downfallofsociety March 17, 2013
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