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A Cockblocker Suicide Bomber (or CSB), is a member of ones party who, as a means of 'taking one for the team', lures in the offending Cockblocker of the respective party of attractive women and has sex with her as a means of allowing his friends to mingle with the group of women.

The CSB is usually acceptant of his purpose due to shallow promises by his party, that following his likely traumatic and socially destructive actions, he will receive 72 virgins as a means of recompense, at a latter occasion.
Vinnie: "Damn son, fly ass hoe's at yo 12 o'clock"
(Vincent: "Oh my goodness, there is a group of very attractive young women straight ahead")

Du'Shawn: "Fo'real mah nigga, dey ratchet bitch be blockin' doe, know what I'm sayin'"
(Charleston: "You are correct, unfortunately there is a visually offensive women who appears to be undermining men's attempts to converse with them.)

Vinne: "Where my nigga T-Dallas at? Doe boy need to prove his loyalty."
(Vincent: "Where is our good friend Terrence? He's a shy, impressionable and easily-manipulated young man that would surely be a Cockblocker Suicide Bomber for a chance to befriend us")

Du'Shawn: "No doubt, tell a nigga he can pop a few cherrys if he itchin'"
(Charleston: "I agree, tell Terrence he will receive virgin women as recompense for his efforts.")
by PloughDoe June 17, 2013
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