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A stylish sub-brand from Coach introduced in 2009 and aimed at materialistic teenage girls and young women. The Coach Poppy collection includes handbags (purses), wristlets (called little things), shoes, tees, and jewels. It is a "fresh and spirited...fierce and vibrant" kind of brand. Coach Poppy bags/wristlets are more colorful and shinier than regular Coach products (since teenage girls are naturally attracted to bright, shiny objects and will buy all of them). Not only do the colors and glitter attract them, but the males as well, since most of the material girls that carry these bags/wristlets are super hot. A beautiful girl with a Poppy bag over her shoulder and a wristlet on her arm will get all the boys staring at her.
Are you a Coach Poppy girl?
by Sharpie1987 July 20, 2010
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