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ˈ/kōkō/, noun: abbreviated form of the term 'Cowboy Compensation'.

A state of dress, vehicle, thick-soled boot, or other material good that counterbalances/makes up for an inadequate sense of masculinity in the rural community.

Inidividuals whom take this to an excessive-level are often known as CoCo Puffs.

Not to be confused with the urban usage of Coco, representing cocaine
Coco (Rural):

Brady lives in the Midwest and spends his life-savings on a large truck he has no practical use for. Brady does this due to his need for validation as a man. Brady has invested in Coco.

When spending an evening out on the town, Bill exclusively dons cowboy boots with 2"+ heels. He also sports a large belt-buckle, and obnoxious hat. Bill is a proud, 5'7" CoCo Puff.

Tyler is now married and invests in a work truck for use at his home. Tyler does not modify the vehicle. Tyler wears boots when working, and formal shoes downtown. Tyler is smart, and has not involved himself with Coco.
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by Adam_TheCarter January 10, 2017
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