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Dumping the clutch is a technique for quickly releasing the clutch, usually allowing the clutch release spring to shoot the pedal back up. The driver will remove his foot from the pedal quickly, usually side stepping to the left. This is often done in conjunction with a launch control mechanism, or with the driver revving up the motor naturally, in order to get the car moving quickly.

Often used by street racers and on drag strips to get the fastest launch possible, when driving a car equipped with a manual transmission. Dumping the clutch at too high of an RPM will generally result in wheel hop and wheel spin. Dumping it at too low of an RPM will result in a loss of time, or even stall the car.
Dude, that dumb ricer did a clutch dump at 4000 RPM. He was all over the road and couldn't get any traction.
by Dionysus-II June 23, 2015
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