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When a guy is all up on your clit &then all of a SUDDEN hopps off.
Skittles: "Oh so this nigga is a clitter quitter."

Juiicy: "Why is he a clitter quitter?"

Skittles: "He was on my clit, texting me errdayy for the past couple of months, then all of a sudden he stopped and now he acts like he dont even know me."

Juiicy: "damm it, straight up quittin' the clit. I got a clitter quitter too... girl let me tell youu... so me and a guy met at this party &then he was all up on my clit beggin' me for my digits. So i gave em to him &we started talkin' talkin', but i wasnt taking him seriously cause i was talkin' to other guys. He would text me night and day. Until the nigga got a girlfriend and i was SHOCKED.. so now i miss his obsessiv'ness."
by Juiicyfbabiee September 03, 2010
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