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A, "clichéfest" is a word to designate whether an act, a scenario, or a person on Twitter acts with a redundant demeanor, or is riddled with clichés found throughout movies, television shows, and other examples of social media without the consent of the author of said example.

Clichéfests are found through the world, and mainly coincide with nouns. Clichéfests are given off as a negatively connotative "word", yet due to the widespread use of this, some can be complacent once viewing a clichéfest.

A ClichéFest can also be a proper noun, if given the opportunity, possibly as a place that exhibits numerous clichés the world has to offer.

Person A.) Man, that movie was great!

Person B.) Are you kidding? That movie was a clichéfest! Hell, I nearly concealed my vomit during the teaser!


Person A.) Have you heard of the new ClichéFest becoming constructed at our town?

Person B.) Yeah, I also heard it was going to start the apocalypse.
by Ninja of Logic May 26, 2014
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