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A sexual move that involves a male beating off in the face of an unsuspecting, sleeping female. Just as he is about to bust, the male screams out a chicken sounding "BUCKOOOOCK!" to awaken and startle the female just before she is shot in the face. The male then proceeds to rapidly shit on the female’s chest as he would when giving her a “Cleveland Steamer.”
I went back to a really drunk girl's apartment last night and gave her a Cleveland Screaming Chicken. She passed out before we got to bed so I beat off in her face, when I was about to cum I screamed "BUCKOOOOCK!" As she was startled awake I blew my load all over her face and laid a hot steamer on her tits. Thankfully I was able to grab my wallet and keys before running out of her back door!
by Brian IL January 12, 2008
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