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1. Person who believes that force, threats and guilt are adequate forms coercion that should be used to keep an employee from leaving your organization.

2. Person who believes that if you are from the same city as them, they own you and know what's best for you and your family, even if they've never met you and have no idea what you want in life.

3. Person who believes that if the terms of a contract have been fulfilled, the contract somehow still exists and you are still required to follow the terms of the contract.

4. Person who cannot get over the fact that someone who has absolutely nothing to do with their life wants to make decisions about his own life without consulting them first.

Overall, the Cleveland crybaby is a self-absorbed, pretentious, sanctimonious fool who focuses on the actions of media celebrities, expecting them to bring joy into their boring, pointless existence. This type of person has no life, watches too much TV and has little interest in living their own life. Since they hate their own life so much, they project this anger and frustration onto others, who can never live up to their expectations.
Cavs fan: "Wah wah wah, Lebron James owes Cleveland his life!!"

Mature adult: "Why?? Didn't he finish his contract? Wasn't he an unrestricted free agent? Didn't he take the Cavs to the Final and make them the #1 team two years in a row? What more do you want from him? Isn't he free to do what he wants now? Why do you think you own him and can dictate his actions? Don't you have anything else to do with your time? You're a Cleveland crybaby!"
by Grackle October 21, 2010
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