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A hell-hole of a high school in a rich suburban city in Texas. EXTREMELY high standards and very difficult classes.

Top 10% usually have at LEAST a 5.4

Therefore if you get all As in advanced (regular) classes then it is impossible to be in the top. Most kids take take many honors and/or AP classes.

As far as extracurricular there it has an amazing band, choir, color guard, cross country, soccer, team, theater, swimming and diving. There is also a kick-ass decathlon team~! Plus, the art program is beyond belief with their talent.

Almost half are Asian kids (love them :3) and it is verrrrrrrrry diverse with people from almost every country around the globe.

The actual builiding has almost no windows and is not very nice. However the area it is located in is extremely affluent and seeing lots of lexus, bmw, mercedes benz, etc cars is a common site at clements. Some of these kids are very snooty but only a few.

Overall there are alot of super smart kids who will go off to do great things which is a blessing and curse with so much pressure to succeed!

EXTRA: Youtube star Kevjumba attended this school until 2008.
girl: Where do you go to school?

boy:Clements High School...

girl: ...Oh jeez im sorry D:
by raraahahahromaromamagagaoolala February 22, 2010
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