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an extemly gorgeous girl. you have to do a double take when she walks bye. her eyes will creep their ways into your heart. shes a wonderful listener and will Always be there for anybody. she neive and very trusting and tends to get hurt way to often from that. She is in everyway perfect. she has the reputation of a nice, innocent, fun loving girl. but once you get to know her better you find out she has a bad side. she can seduce any man with just one glance. her hair is never perfect but always suits her and she free-spirit ways.

shes delicate like a flower and needs to be taken care of with love and support.

she has the most beautiful lips, soft and kissable.

any man that is with her will think every moment. "how did i get this lucky?"
girlfriend material
boy 1:did you see claudia shaw today?

boy2: i want her to be mine

boy 3: i didnt know angels existed till i met her

boy 4: shes mine. i will do anything to keep it like that to
by Abby Thomas December 19, 2012
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