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One of a darker persona who enjoys the beauties of life that others have forgotten. Unlike the plain goth, death metal or other such music is not the only form of audio entertainment. The Dies Irae, Kyrie, Adagio for Strings, works by Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman, and Agnus Dei are also popular amongst this crowd. Classic Goths' oriantation borders on the strange and unique, and is one of the most abnormal form of goth. More often than not, Classic Goths are artistic in many feilds, some of which include Gothic Archetexture, Renisance art, singing, writing, and the playing of darker, older instruments (harp, violin, pipe organ, etc)
Popularity and 'fitting in' are at the bottom of the Classic Goth's to-do list. In fact, one will find that the Classic Goth often remains aloof from her/his fellow person, finding that solitude allows for better inspiration. Contrary to the cliche that Goths of any form worship Satan, Classic Goths DO NOT, under any circimstances, fit this definition.
You can always find a classic goth deeply immersed in writings and musical pieces of a higher mindset.
by Angelique Noël January 23, 2009
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