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Clash of Clans Faggot

Someone who takes Clash of Clans way too seriously. They'll say your base is rushed even though it's not or you don't care. They might have a maxed out townhall but still in silver league. A lot of faggots don't know how to play the game properly. For example, they'll drop one troop and leave. Causing them to lose trophies. They'll put their townhall on the outside even though it's supposed to be on the inside. Some will force you to donate troops. If you don't get a 3 star they will say you suck at attacking. In wars the faggots will do an all dragon raid with rage spells even though there's plenty of other troops to use.
Me- "I just 2 starred a maxed out townhall 10!"

Clash of Clans Faggot- "Your base is super rushed and you suck at attacking. "
by GraphicArtist115 August 03, 2015
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