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A casual event in which a single person or group discuss all the rad shit they just did in the presence of a non-participant to make the non-participant feel inferior. The session can be started by a direct claim or for a smoother delivery, non essential details can be added when answering a question to seamlessly start a claim session. (Truth behind claimed events is irrelevant. Exaggerating is encouraged.)
(in the middle of a group of people)
Pedestrian: Hey bro how is the bowl skiing this morning?
G: I wouldn’t know, I just got done skiing central chute. Shit was tits deep with a manditory 40 footer at the bottom.
Suge: You stomped that shit G. Was that a 5 at the bottom?
G: Backside 9 bro.......... (Claim session begins at pedestrians expense)
by CLaiming June 04, 2011
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