An individuals attractiveness changes due to the circumstance they are in. A change in a 1-10 scale rating often occurs. Applies for both women and men.
1) Becky is a 7 in the real world, but is the most attractive at the office. Due to circumstantial hotness, many of her male co-workers believe she is easily a 9 out of 10.

2) A boat crashes on a deserted island. Cynthia was the only female on board, and now the only female on the island. All the males who were on the boat, originally thought Cynthia was an average looking girl when she first got on. Now after being on the island for a few days, all the men believe Cynthia is the most attractive person they have ever seen because of circumstantial hotness.

3) Cassandra is normally an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale and is normally found to be attractive. Cassandra attends a party with a large group of other women who are much better looking than Cassandra. Cassandra appears to be less attractive, and therefore experiences a decrease in scale rating by the men at the party, and thus less guys try to be with her that night. This is circumstantial hotness.
by raincheckross December 8, 2012
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