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In the simplest terms- a circuit star is a trendier, catcher way of describing an internet celebrity. Like a "Circuit" and it's many definitions- circuit stars start and finish at the same place, travelling throughout a complete and closed path- the internet.
With no tangible measurement of their effects on the real world- a circuit star's "career" or fame travels through the circuitry of the internet and its different social media platforms and blogs, losing energy as it travels, and most of time- dying out quite quickly.
"Circuit star" is not a derogatory term- it simply describes someone who you would probably only hear of if you frequented certain spaces of the internet.
This person on YouTube is gaining so many views on a video! They might go viral and become a circuit star!

Influence, internet celebrity, insta/twitter/youtube famous- whatever you call them- they're all just a bunch of circuit stars.
by trashtalk09 June 28, 2018
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