A frequent circuit party (gay rave/dance events with wide range of scenes) goer, normally used to describe a gay man but nowadays can be used for anyone who goes to circuit parties often. Many have great physique (no matter how they get there), and can be seen at many big international circuit party events. Many circuit queens share certain common scenes with regular ravers such as using substance at parties . They are generally into circuit style EDM with a variety of elements such as deep house, techno, trance, vocal and etc. Depending the party themes, typical circuit queen outfits in mordern days are inclined to be tight or short shorts, largely shifting from jeans in 90s. Men are normally topless. Bandanas and handheld folding fans are widely used.
Josh is such a circuit queen. He just went to circuit festival in Barcelona and now on his way to Mykonos.
by humble_rainbow_editor April 6, 2019
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(n) Similar to white fragility, circuit queen fragility is the knee-jerk defensive response when circuit queens are called out for bad behavior (drug abuse, risky sexual behaviors, racism, or general bitchiness).

Common responses by fragile circuit queens include:
- You’re just not hot enough
- But I’m doing it for charity
- You’re just mad because you weren’t invited
- I feel very attacked right now
- But I’m not like that
Eugene: *throws a meth-fueled sex party during a pandemic*
Internet: What the fuck are you doing?
Eugene: I did it for my mental health. Stop attacking me!

Internet: Sure, Jan. Stop being such a fragile circuit queen.
by dangerous_traits May 6, 2020
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