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> When someone attempts to warn another about something* but in doing so changes their mind and talks in a circle eventually making it back to the idea that everything is actually all just fine and there was no point in even bringing up the warning in the first place

> A pseudo warning that doesn't much matter in the end.

* i.e. warning them about a person (slut/flirt/etc.) or a water fall that looks safe but you may or may not have heard about someone jumping off and killing themselves on the rocks below or something along those lines.
See the waterfall comment above...

"Dude that chick's such a slut! But actually I guess it was Mike that told me that and Mike also said that you were gay and clearly you're into women so Mike isn't very trust worthy so you know what? Just go for it, broseph. Es all good, but wear protection. That was quite the circle warning I just gave you, my bad "
by Fury Matis March 21, 2009
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