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Those dark quick moving animals all the way down the end of alleys, that may appear to be stray puppies, that you see while walking on the main streets of the downtown business area of Cincinnati. Some say they may actually be rats, but you can never get close enough to one to notice. They are concentrated in higher numbers in the downtown alleys in the restaurant areas.
Person 1: So how was your trip to Cincinnati ?

Person 2: It was good, while I was downtown I saw that water fountain that used to be on that old show, WKRP

Person 1: Cool, did you bring anything back ?

Person 2: Yeah, while I was there, I met a guy selling stray puppies real cheap, so I bought one.

Person 1: Can I see it ?

Person 2: Sure, It's over here in the yard.

Person 1: Dude, WTF ? That ain't no dog, that's a friggen RAT !

Person 2: SOB - The guy selling them was calling them Cincinnati Puppies, so I thought there were some new breed !
by DJ Lunatic January 24, 2012
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