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Have your male or female partner lay down on their back. Carefully mount their face and dip your sack (ball) into their mouth, and repeatedly hit their nose with your shaft. Now begins the warbling of the ballsack with your partners tongue. When it comes time to ejaculate, shit on their neck, and aim for the forehead and hair. While cumming try to imitate the mating call of the Cincinnati Warbler
Patrick: "I Cincinnati Warbler'd my girlfriend and she took it like a champ!"
Dave: "Fuck yeah, Steph is a goddamn warbling gladiator!"

Stefan: "What's it called when you shit in a sock and hit someone with it?"
Evan: "Oh! I did that to my girlfriend last night, I think it's a Cincinnati Warbler."
Jordan: "No, that's a Chicago Billyclub."
Evan: "Oh that's right."
by Handjob Susan September 19, 2013
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