Cidu's Razor is the opposite of Occam's Razor. Occam's Razor is the idea that the simplest explanation for something is usually the answer. Cidu's Razor is the idea that the most convoluted conspiracy theory possible is the likely explanation for something.

Cidu's razor is gaining fast popularity within the personal nicotine vaporizer forum community due to Cidu's wild explanations for reasons behind everything.
And example of Cidu's Razor

Joe: "Why is Suzy late?"
Steve: "She probably slept in late."
Cidu: "Yanno, I did notice she's a fan of Ayn Rand, and really annoying that strange guy from the masonic lodge with trilateral commission connections. He probably took care of her. They'll do that you know. Just make people disappear. Happens all the time. You people have no idea how the world really works."

-10 minutes later-

Suzy: "Sorry I'm late, I overslept".
by Zo Fryer March 4, 2010
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