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When a girl packs a little extra fudge in her mid-section, or the girl is big boned but has a gorgeous face, she is known as Chunky Gorgeous. This breed of woman is particularly hard to find, but once spotted, it becomes very difficult to take your eyes of her due to the contrast of excessive mass around the overall body and the beautiful face this breed presents. This breed usually springs from ugly parents but will always be coupled with a skinny, good-looking female sibling.
Frat Boys Frankie and Al conversing over a heterosexual (or not) dinner for two. A chunky Gorgeous girl has her back turned to Frankie and Al.

Frankie: Yo bro, check out that Chunky Gorgeous girl scarfing down that cake.
Al: What are you talking about dude, she's chunky as hell.

Chunky Gorgeous girl turns around.

Al: Wow, her face is magnificent, kinda like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She really is Chunky Gorgeous.
by The Chunk Hunters August 25, 2009
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