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A 'Chunky Kath' is a term given to the girl of the friend group who is the most likely to pinch anything that can be consumed, be it the vodka at the pre-drinks, your flatmate's chezzie-blues or your other mate's chicken nuggets. This is a term coined in the North of England but usually in the Greater Manchester and Stockport area. It is a very localised saying, but every friend group has one. Traditionally these are also the girls who are most likely to deny they want anything until they see others with something - for example, when they begin the night out on cans of cider and finish on everyone else's spirits.
"You having another one of my nuggets? You're such a Chunky Kath!"
"Our Chunky Kath has nicked my vodka again"
by chloe1212 April 24, 2017
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