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For Inquiring Minds that Want to Blow, "chum play" between chums (i.e., same-sex pals) is a non-determinant boyhood right-of-passage ― from physicality to sexuality ― that ranges from "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" to using your flesh-colored "flashlight" to search for something lost in your chum's "dark tunnel." When two inquisitive boys, who do not yet know DNA for their budding sexuality, "play around" in any way with each others' you-know-whats, it's called "chum play." Most of the time chum play signals nothing at all about either explorer's adult sexuality ahead. Regardless of the label each boy eventually accepts, memories of chum play can be humorous and/or hot, but never hurtful.
"Steve, I'm sick of this video game. Pull your pants down." Not exactly annoyed, Steve asks why, and Bruce responds, "I can see in your gym shorts you have a boner while you're playing 'Angry Birds.' So let's figure out what else our joy sticks are designed to do." Bruce says, "But I'm not gay." Steve answers, "Me neither. This is 'chum play' between two smart guys with wood who know these hard things are made for more than peeing. I won't tell your girlfriend if you don't tell mine." Years later Bruce is best man in Steve's wedding to Eve. Bruce marries Adam. No regrets involved with "chum play," only a few strategic coverups. Discretion is the better part of chum play.
by Millne January 06, 2012
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