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When you are playing the game and you die miserably or you just finish the ending, you just don't want to play it the next day. This disorder can last to about a day or even a month.
-The best way to cure the "die miserably" part (assuming it is a boss that gives you trouble) is to say, screw this and don't give a shit. (I won that way.)
-It is normally chronic because you stay that way, unless your preference is Shooter games or World games (such as Grand Theft Auto).
-It affects RPG and Adventure players the most.
Final Fantasies. You play it, you finish it, you move on with your life. Or, you die without saving, and you are so pissed off that you say, "screw this" and you don't touch it for a while.
Racing games where that DAMN computer player beats you just by a second and you come in second when you wanted first.

Warning: Chronic End-Gaming Disorder is problematic! It makes you spend your money constantly in search of new games after you finish them.
by FWL January 05, 2008
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