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- An almost frantic compulsion to travel the world, exploring the most depressed, off-the-beaten-track destinations in an attempt to broaden horizons, gain a deeper understanding of those less fortunate, and generally feel better about yourself, and your egalitarian worldliness.

- Seeking out various backwater and Third World locales in which to spend your valued vacation time, as a way to slum, learn and feed your self important elitism.

- A vacationer more apt to sleep on a dirt floor in Senegal than a bed at the Hotel Le Meurice.

- See also cultural slumming, safariist, and being on safari.
Sally Backpacker, an obsessed chronic traveler, planned out this summer's itinerary, making sure to hit Bhutan, Equatorial Guinea and Malawi, with a return trip through Bangladesh.
by Ted E. Grau July 11, 2009
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