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Does like to sing in the shower

Doesnt like when people poor chemicals into the earth
Does like to dance like a sexy race horse
Doesnt like to clean cat poo out of the garden
Does like freedom and confidence
Doesnt like narrow minded superficial jargon
Does like to laugh and cook organic yummies
Doesnt like when kids dont wear helmets while riding bikes
#1 Kitten in back alley: "Meow" .......
Christopher Proctor: "Get out...Ahhhh!"

#2 Cute NYC Boy "OMG, My mom bought me this Prada purse, true motherly love"
Christopher Proctor: "I just threw up in my mouth"

#3 Oil company: "Lets dig for oil, and stink up the earth"
Christopher Proctor "No."
by hmmmmm5892 October 17, 2011
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