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A gift that can be proquired fairly easily for someone when you really don't feel like putting in much effort. simply find a brick, preferably a classic red one, maybe paint half of it green cuz,you know, it's Christmas. then to make it seem like effort was put in, carve their name into the brick or maybe some inspirational words. then uses some newspaper or some form of wrapping paper and tie it up with ribbon or string. note that after receiving the Christmas brick, the person might catch on to your bullsh*t gift or like it and expect more "creative" or "symbolic" gifts in other future gift giving events.
wife: honey, did you get my mom a present yet?

husband: oh sh*t, i forgot. uhhh... well, i guess im gettin' her another Christmas Brick.

wife: *sigh* again? she's probably still pissed from last time.
by TheManWhoRarelyTries January 27, 2012
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