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A holiday tradition with early aboriginal roots that is a final farewell/goodbye to the holiday season. Christmas Drift is always celebrated on January 2 and traditionally involves:

-wearing socks you've received as a Christmas gift
-lighting fireworks
-burning of the Christmas tree(s)
-preparing homemade pizza
-doing 'donuts' in an icy parking lot
-eating boxed supermarket cake
-viewing a Will Smith film
-lighting a sparkler before bed as a final farewell to Christmas Drift and the holiday season

Christmas Drift is a joyful occasion but at the same time can also be quite sad as you reflect on previous holiday season, and prepare for the long wait until next Christmas.
I'm sad that Christmas is over, but soon we get to burn the tree on Christmas Drift! Yaaay!
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by Kevin Smiley January 02, 2018
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