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A 12 year old christian kid who posted controversial religious videos onto Youtube, and was called a 'homo' by many people, which caused him to make the 'stop calling me a homo' video, which became an internet meme. He eventually closed his account.
Stop calling ChristianU2uber a homo
by qwerty93 May 22, 2009
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Youtube user who is extremely annoying. He claims to be 13 but but appears to be eight. He has very feminine features and talks like a girl. He says that he is a Christian but does many un-Christian things such as: 1. Threaten his "haters" 2. Judge other people (atheists and homosexuals) 3. Used to be gay and probably still is but is in denial (not that there is anything wrong with that but it goes against his beliefs) 4. Lies several times. He s a HUGE hypocrite and bigot. His account got suspended but there are still many fake accounts floating out there such as simondeansmilk. He has anger issues. His parents should take away his intarwebs for his faggotry.
Christianu2uber makes Big Gay Al look like a macho man.
by MoarSaucePlzKthx July 02, 2009
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