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This is a form of lower back tattoo increasingly adopted by professed Christian young women in some urban areas as a means of displaying their religious faith and commitment. Specifically, the Cross, the Rock of Ages, the Holy Bible, and the "WWJD" acronym have become more prevalent as a substitution for the usual "ass antlers" or flowers. This type of tattoo, erstwise identified with girls or women of loose morals, has become increasingly chosen as an alternative religious statement by Godly Christian women as a visible religious statement. Obviously, the wearer must be moderate in her choice of swimwear, not erring by choosing too-brief bikinis (but the 1960's style swimsuits are generally regarded as acceptable) or jeans that ride too low.
We must applaud the sincerity and religious fervor of these women who have chosen Christian tramp stamps to convey the Good News.
by Chili Dog Echo January 09, 2009
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