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Essentially to "bail out" but in a manner more similar to Christian Bale's various escapes and feats of marvel while in his Batman character. Can be used to describe a dramatic, thrilling retreat, or, conversely, a boring flee that has no whiff of epic.
Matt: Wow dude, how'd you ever get from your dinner date to happy hour so fast?
Patrick: I Christian Bale'd on Marissa.

*glass click

Bane: How the hell did Bruce Wayne get out of that huge pit I put him in?
Random Person: How do you think? Christian Bale'd the fuck out of there.
by Thetimothy July 20, 2012
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an extreme form of hatred to coworker and or people in general.
This word is also an extreme form of the word Apeshit
Yo i was so ChristianBaled today.

Hey if you don't back up im gonna pull a ChristianBale on your ass!
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