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1. Thinks he white.
2. Shorter than his younger brother.
3. Looks like a mushroom.
4. Straight brim man.
6. Luckily, he WON'T steal your girl.
7. He likes to read.
8. Thinks he is a soccer player but booiiiii yeah right.
9. Looks like a nice piece of corn.
10. He's monotone and makes you wish he'd shut up.
11. Loves "competition"
12. Thinks he's smart but goes to that ONE college.
13. He will probably die alone (or with a mannequin)
Me: Hey so this one guy asked me out.
Friend: Oh who???
Me: Christan Hay.
Friend: Oh no. Girl avoid it that boy's a mess.
Christian Hay is a piece of burnt broccoli.
by Lyerrrrr July 04, 2018
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