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1. A guy who has the biggest heart in the world and is the best friend that anyone could ever have.

2. A person who can accomplish anything and knows enough about a little bit of everything that he could be considered a mid sized encyclopedia.

3. A perfectionist who is fully capable of accomplishing nearly anything but is a self suppressed over achiever.

4. Cocky, and arrogant at times; he is someone who you do not want to piss off. He will fuck your world up when prompted and make you fully aware that you're a fuck up.

5. A person you can NOT win an argument against. Do not try. You WILL fail.

6. A hot "little package"
1. "I'm so lucky. Chris Wascher always has my back no matter what."

2. Person A: "I wonder how I can turn my bed into a flying saucer?"

Person B: "We should ask Chris Wascher, he will definitely be able to figure how to engineer your bed into a flying saucer!"

3. "If I was an over achiever like Chris Wascher I would not hold myself back by being such a procrastinator like him"

4. "I really shouldn't have crossed Chris Wascher, I feel like a major dumb ass right now."

5. "Chris Wascher is the master devil's advocate, I just can't fucking win."

6. "Chirs Wascher may be a small guy, but god damn he looks good naked!"
by TheyreMagicllyDelicious January 01, 2011
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