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Her favorite things are space, and Japan. People ask her how to pronounce her name all the time, she says, "it's 'coral', like in the ocean." She's kind of an introvert, but somehow she is still able to make good friends easily. People are typically surprised at how down-to-earth and chill she is, despite having high standards. She's perhaps one of the least judgmental people you could ever meet, and can hang out with basically anybody. She loves everyone, hates no one. She constantly focuses on ways to improve herself, and possible ways to help others. She’s headstrong in making her dreams become a reality, but her goals are often set back by her weakness . The motto she lives by is to become as monk-like, and as Christlike as you can, and to never. Give. Up.
Chorel is so kawaii, and sometimes she really acts like a redhead.
by Lerohc November 27, 2017
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