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The act of holding one's girlfriend around the waist, from behind, while standing. Think of the cholo/chola couples you see at school, at your local mall or on the bus. There are a few different variations to the Cholo spoon and they can be modified if the Cholo proceeds to place his chin on either of his Chola's shoulders.

#1. Traditional Cholo Spoon - The Cholo clasps his hands together and rests them on his Ruca's abdominal area.

#2. Hidden Cholo Spoon - The Cholo places his hands inside the front pocket of his Heina's giant hooded sweatshirt causing his hands to be hidden from plain view.

#3. Mobile Cholo Spoon - The Cholo and his Vieja walk to the same destination in the act of the Traditional Cholo Spoon or the Hidden Cholo Spoon.
Ex. #1
Tom: Dude, check out Lil' Joker and La Shy Girl. I bet you they're only Cholo Spooning to hide his boner.

Bill: Yeah, you'd think his dickies that are 12 sizes too big would do the trick.

Ex. #2
Fred: Do you see Spooky working a Hidden Cholo Spoon on Baby Giggles?

Barry: Holy Balls! I wonder if he's giving her the business underneath that giant hooded sweatshirt.

Ex. #3
Harry: Dude! Look at Mr. Puppet and Tiny Lil Whisper go! That must be the fastest Mobile Cholo Spoon I've ever seen!

Ed: If the Mobile Cholo Spoon was an Olympic event, cholos would take the gold, for sure! . . . .You probably won't believe this but they wouldn't even have to take it because I think they'd have a legitimate shot at winning it fair and square.
by Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe January 23, 2011
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