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A man usually of Mexican or Latin American origin that pops up in almost all media content if said media is related to something that the Cholo Man himself is related to or syndicated with. A Cholo Man is a personality figure that resembles many existing people, not one specific person. Contrary to what people might think of from the name, a Cholo Man is not some kind of skinny tattoo-covered gangsta-rapping semi-muscular psychopath.

The Cholo Man is a man of business, adorning his navy blue waxed suit with a blue checkered tie; he is usually involved with a desk-office government job. The Cholo Man has an extremely long (vertical) head with a short haircut, and he possibly bears a mustache.
Cholo Man: "Hey come support me on this important decision that has nothing to do with anything anyone is doing here! Also here is a full 8x10 foot poster of my face!"

Bystander: "What... no thanks..." *walks away*
by Emperor of the Republic May 14, 2013
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