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A girl in choir who is always all over the male members of the choir. They get super excited when the males sing or when a guy walks into a practice room. They talk about how much they love a certain guy because of his "voice" but they're really just being flirty/slutty. Another characteristic of a choir slut is that they are constantly singing or showing off their musical talents (e.g. "omg, that note is soo easy!"). Choir sluts aren't exceptionally good looking and are usually pretty good at singing but are overly confident about it, and they use their talent to get attention. Choir sluts tend to hang out together (only during choir though). Not all good singers are choir sluts, but all choir sluts must be somewhat talented.
"Omg, look at Becky flirting with that tenor, James! She's not even pretty, that choir slut."
by Choir Prude March 08, 2012
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