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Chocolate Jubbly Slide (v): anal-sex between a man and a woman in which the man uses the womans fecal matter as the only source of lubrication. The woman applies bowel-movement pressure in sync with the mans thrusting to keep the fecal matter spurting out to provide an uninterrupted experience. (See Strawberry Jubbly Slide)


First used on G4TechTV's The Screen Savers on 10/05/2004 in their "Top 5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Left You" where it was mentioned and held the number two spot. The following is a quote of the list:

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Left You

5. Massive pr0n collection crashed her computer.
4. Missed her birthday while leveling your Jedi Knight.
3. You look like Bill Gates -- but with no money.
2. She doesn't like the Chocolate Jubbly Slide.
1. Too much time playing with your Xbox instead of with her Xbox.
Wife: mmmm, mmmff, ummff, lmmmmfh

Hubby: That's right, I'm riding that fucking Chocolate Jubbly Slide!

Wife: mmmm, mmmff, ummff, lmmmmfh ugggghhh
by Sum1Spcl October 12, 2004
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