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When it's chilly out in the bushes and you are getting freaky nasty with your pimp or hoe, and you feel a like you've got one barkin' at the back door, and you want to express yourself with some dookie love, you pretend like you want some oral pleasure and right as he or she is down there, you turn to the side, and break loose a winter log right into the ear of your luva. then proceed to press your love nugget further into the ear canal thus dispensing the warmth of a chocolate ear muff. Then repeat on the other side..this part is the most difficult.
last night i gave this hoe some chocolate ear muffs cuz she said that i was too loud while i was banging i told her to turn her head to the side,cuz i had to drop a bomb anyways.i let it loose in that hoochie's ear..she had a brown head this morning when she woke up.
by Lopezius October 09, 2009
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