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A method used mostly on multiple choice tests, quizzes, or worksheets that uses educated guessing based on similarities of the given answers. This is expected to work better than random guessing as the question creator tends to use similar answers to trick and confuse the person answering. This is to be used when you have absolutely no clue how to attempt the problem, or you just don't give a fuck, but still want a better chance to be correct. Named Chmiel Rule after Kevin Chmiel who stabilized this method and found it to be very effective during several multiple choice tests and quizzes. When the correct answer does not follow this method in any manner it is known as a Brinker Complex.
Evaluate the integral of the function (x^2+x+3)/x over boundaries 1 to 8?
a) 40+3ln(7)
b) 38.5+3ln(8)
c) 10+ln(8)
d) 38.5
e) 0

B is the logical guess using Chmiel Rule (and is correct) since there are 3 ln's, 2/3 of those have a 3 in front of them, 2 of the questions have 38.5. B has the most commonalities so guess B (Or learn 2 calculus).
by ShrapnelMagnet May 11, 2011
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