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Pronounced; Chi-tee Chi-tee Coo-mon-ding-ah

A mythological creature which can be loosely described as an African leprechaun which is evidently exclusively female, or at least tends to mostly be female. This entity of Uguban folklore is known to be infamously tricky, untrustworthy, of wicked/unkind sentiment and also physically small in proportion (like it's Irish counterparts) as well as hideously ugly. For this reason, the term "Chitty Chitty Cumandinga" is sometimes used to describe an ordinary human female who is unfortunately unattractive.

Cuban transexual nightlife celebrity, runway/photographic model and actor/actress Sophia Lamar is vastly knowledgeable when it comes to the subject of the little known Chitty Chitty Cumandinga, as revealed in Johnny McGovern's bi-weekly "Gay Pimpin" podcast entertainment installment, mentioning there to some degree that this mythological beast of folklore has intentions to cause others harm, perhaps via mystical means and also through such devices as stealing and ordinary trickery.
Sophia Lamar: "My good friend for many year, he say his mother look like Diana Ross, you know, like a Godess...and when I see her...she look like boom boom boom...she look like Chitty Chitty Cumandinga."

Studio Audience: <after bursting into hysterics> "What? What the Hell is a Chitty Chitty Cumandinga?"

Sophia Lamar: "A Chitty Chitty Cumandinga African leprechaun...she tricky, she lie to you and try to do thing like tha."
by Jace Jackson July 29, 2008
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