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A long horse faced, warped bodied, devilish human being. Its chin does not exist. There is nothing where the chin should be, except something we call a "Satan's Crevasse". It feeds off of small children, mostly boys, and their penises. Its mouth represents a herpes infested black hole from hell. It badly wishes it had a chin like a normal person, unlike the fucked up creature it is. If you show it one ounce of acceptance, the damn thing will follow you and envy your chin and social skills. (It lacks social skills, as well as a chin) NEVER EVER LOOK ONE IN THE EYE, its chin will suck you into a vortex from another dimension where only chinless people exist.
Yeah, uha you know what it is. Everything I do, I do it CHINLESS!

Chinless demon would say something like- "Look at that little boy over there, I wanna sexify it"
by Chinless Demon Hunter May 14, 2011
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