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Chinkfucker (noun) - A girl of non-east asian descent who has a fetish for asian males, asian food, and asian culture in general. A girl who is categorized as a chinkfucker is otherwise known to have a mad case of the "Yellow Fever." A chinkfucker can usually be spotted walking around American high schools purposefully

squinting their eyes while carrying anime parafanalia.
Ex 1. AZN Tim: "Dude...some girl just brushed up against my wiener in the hall."

J.R. : "Which one?"

AZN Tim: "The one carrying the Yu Yu Hakusho box set."

J.R. : "Oh yeah. I heard she's a chinkfucker."

AZN Tim: "Very nice."

Ex 2. Khan: "Daaaaaamn Girl."

J.R.: "Don't even bother. She's too fine to be a chinkfucker."
by Patignar October 01, 2010
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