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Australian Slang/Urban Language. A racially defamatory term first coined by A.J. Szkolka (born 1981 AUS) to describe native islander cultures that surround Australia (eg. Maori's, Fijian, Tongan, Polynesian, Indonesian, Pacific Islander and geographically surrounding) The term makes fun of the physical features of such peoples, being described as a hybrid of Indigenous/Torres Strait Australian (Boong - a dark colored Indigenous Australian primate with a flat nose and low forehead. Diet is known to include gasoline/petrol as well as various items found in the trash.The word boong originates from the sound they make when they bounce off your bumper or bonnet, a practice common amongst former white Australian generations - source Urban Dictionary) crossed with Asian (Ching chong - Ching chong is a pejorative term sometimes employed by Americans, Canadians and other speakers of the English language to mock people of Chinese ancestry, or other Asians who may look Chinese.. - source wiki) It has been embraced by many Australians as a blanket slur towards surrounding Asia/Pacific native peoples.
All examples are expressed in Australian slang/dialect.

Thank god for the help that we Diggers received from the Ching Chong Boongs when we trailed Kokoda.

I fuckin' hate those damn Ching Chong Boong's!

Damn Ching Chong Boong's got Chapelle (Chapelle Corby) stiched up.

Bali was great, Ching Chong Boongs waiting on me hand and foot for peanuts.

The cruise was great, most of the cabin staff were Ching Chong Boongs. They are so friendly and appreciate the smallest tips.
by luke luke July 10, 2011
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