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A very low annual salary which when divided by the hours worked by an employee, calculates as equal to or less than minimum wage. Often used for non-management roles in salary-orientated business to make workers unaware that they are being paid minimum wage, or less than minimum wage.

The term is derived from the fact that many large companies send their manufacturing work over to China, to get extremely cheap labour.

Typically employed in workplaces where an "extra duties" or "extra hours" clause is present in employee's contracts, requiring them to work sporadic additional hours without additional pay.

Fairly common, but goes unnoticed when salaries are not increased over the years.
Worker 1: I don't know why Chris says the company doesn't appreciate him, he works really hard, how can they not be appreciating him?
Worker 2: Didn't you know? He's on a China Salary.
by Boris K March 18, 2013
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