Claimed to be a genre to describe dubstep that is softer than the wobbly, dinosaur sex, bro-step that artists started pushing 2007 - 2011. Chillstep isn't a genre of music however - there is nothing major that you can distinguish between chillstep and the dubstep that artists started pushing in the early 2000's when it evolved as a sub-genre from UK-Garage. Chillstep is dubstep and is not recognized by artists as a separate genre at all. In fact the word for dubstep these days is 140 (music at 140 bpm) to avoid childish little genre names for music styles at that particular tempo. Chillstep as opposed to what??? violentstep?? get real.

The genre 'dub' is not a particularly aggressive style of music so why the fuck are people using 'chillstep'. People who use 'Chillstep' don't know fuck all. Them youtube bangas, who spam mixes on youtube and then claim to know shit.
'You should check all the chillstep mixes on youtube, they are so chill!'
'Yeah, I produce chillstep. See my all my fan on facebook'
'Mum says chillstep is better to listen to because it is chill'
by fuckchillstep May 01, 2015
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Chillstep is a word used by 'people who think they know about music', but don't.

Chillstep is a a sub-genre of dubstep that doesn't exist. Dubstep is a sub-genre of dub, which in turn is a sub-genre of reggae. As you might have guessed by now, dubstep was originally a chill genre, focusing more on the low frequencies and slight wobbles in the bass line. As producers began to experiment, the genre became much more aggressive sounding and the focus was more on the mids and highs. Instead of wobbling the bass line they started to wobble the aggressive sounds.

Conclusion: Chillstep is basically just early dubstep with a bit more euphoria, most of musicians call it 'melodic dubstep' which is a much better name for it, in my opinion.
Person: "This is a nice chillstep song"
Me: "Chillstep? don't make me laugh"
Person: "What?"
Me: "Wasn't dubstep originally a chill genre?"
Person: "Yeah... but.."
Me: "It doesn't matter, I know you know nothing about music so it's okay."
Person: Blah, blah, blah, blah "your Mum.." blah. blah, blah, blah "faggot" blah, blah, blah "It's you know knows nothing" blah blah blah "Go back to jacking off in your room over JB."
by Franck Storm April 01, 2015
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