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A term used for people who are one with the world. These people belong to a specific world tribe and are part of a secret society. They are generally pretty cool people who are basically like rockstars of the normal person's world. They know how to party. They know how to chill. People want to know them, people want to be like them. They're awesome. Only a few people are actually chillers of the world.
You can only be invited by another 'chiller' to become a chiller of the world and once you're in... you're in baby!

Some say this secret society first began in Melbourne, Australia, others believe it began via another dimension ( know like the Beastie Boys song).
Chillers have been known to pop up from time to time, yet nobody really knows where they live exactly. Possibly in the trees.
If you get along well with everyone and have a chilled out frame of mind, and yet can still party like Keith Richards, you're on your way to becoming a chiller.

David was tokin the shmoko and was invited to become a chiller of the world due to his chillaxin state and his high fivin attitude.
by brenly. December 22, 2010
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