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A Friday or Saturday (perhaps during the week if you're oh so cavalier) date that contains typically two cocky ass mother fuckers that think their the suavest assholes on the block. They waltz into Chilis restaurant and order some "tasty apps" and maybe go wild and have a cocktail. they proceed to split a twenty dollar shit ass meal thats been sitting under heat lamps and getting AIDS. then they do something fucking retarded like split a chocolate cake. why. just why. they think they are some pretty fucking cool kiddos, but in reality THEY NEED TO SUCK A DICK AND DIE
Emma: Sam, what do you want to do for your birthday?
Sam: OMG, let's have a Chili's Date! Jumbo dykes!!!
Emma: Do you have any self respect?

clearly not.
by SaMmMiStErBa! December 13, 2010
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