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The process of convincing your girl to take it in the backpussy after feeding her a massive chili dinner just hours beforehand. ***TIP ALERT: ADD LAXATIVES TO THE DIP AND GET EXTRA GOODS ON THE TIP** As you begin to "do the poo," sneak as many sticks of stringcheese as you can up in thurr. As the night is "cumming" to a "climax", stand the gentlelady up and bend her over. While putting force on her abdoment, instruct the female to apply pressure to the backpussy and similtaenously pull your schlong-johnson out after a particularly violent thrust. Stand to the side and watch the guns roars! "But thats more of a shotgun blast than a cannon shot" you say, but let me reinforce the application of stringcheese sticks, which will launch upwards of 10 feet upon ejaction.
Dad "how was staying afterschool with your teacher, son?"

Me "i gave her a chili cheese cannon.."

Dad "You better have pics you little faggot"
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